Brenda Sanchez

Herbalife Rep


Herbalife Rep – Uvalde, Texas


Hello, my name is Brenda Sanchez. I have always been a health enthusiast. So a few years ago I began to use the Herbalife products along with my diet program. At first I was not interested in the the business opportunity. When I was laid off of my job in 2016, I decided that I would give the business opportunity a try.

For me to say that it was easy to build a team and start earning residual income would be a lie. But I was determined to make this work. I figured if other people can make it work, so can I.

It has been two years now since I really started to give it my best and the results are showing. The income opportunity is really true and it is there for anyone willing to work hard at it.

So if you are the type of person that gives it 100% at everything they do, like me, then I want you on my team. Please contact me below for questions or to sign up.


Herbalife Nutrition is a global nutrition company. Since 1980, we have been on a mission to improve nutritional habits around the world with great-tasting, science-backed nutrition products that help people get the right balance of healthy nutrition.

Whether it is our industry-leading meal replacement protein shake that comes in dozens of flavors, or our teas, aloes, energy, fitness and outer nutrition products, we cater to a variety of daily nutritional needs, offering choice to consumers in over 90 countries.

Our products are available exclusively through educated and trained Herbalife Nutrition distributors who provide comprehensive and personalized solutions to their customers’ nutrition and wellness goals. Distributors are independent entrepreneurs who set up their own businesses and decide when and where they work and do so on their own terms. Our distributors fulfill our mission every day.



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