Brenda Zamora

Stream Rep

Brenda Zamora

Stream Rep – Laredo, Texas



Hello! My name is Brenda Zamora. I joined Stream as an independent rep because I was already a Stream customer before I found out that they offered a business opportunity. I enjoy working for Stream as an independent rep because you do not have to convince people to buy your product since everyone needs energy services.

Also, family and friends had no problem switching their energy services to Stream after they saw my energy bill. The most important thing about being a rep for Stream is that I do not have to lie about their products since I had been a satisfied customer for almost 6 years before I became an independent rep.


Stream (formerly Stream Energy) is a network marketing company based in Texas that offers energy in some parts of the nation, and wireless, protective, and home services nationwide.

Stream has been selling energy and natural gas to residential and commercial customers since 2004 through a network marketing model. Now, they have a range of streaming products that are available in every state.



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