Lisa Mead

B-Epic Rep


B-Epic Rep – Richwood, Ohio


Hi! I am retired from a public career in a law enforcement field and former Firefighter/EMT-A. When I retired, I decided I was not ready to just stop. That is when I switched gears and entered the network marketing arena as an entrepreneur. At this stage in my life, I want to do things on my terms instead of someone else. So now I work when I want from anywhere, I want if I have an internet or data connection on my phone or laptop! This opportunity lets me live my retirement years instead of just surviving it on my pension.

I recently was presented an opportunity with an amazing company, B-Epic! This company has been established and prospering in Europe for some time but has only opened in the United States market in December 2019. It did not take me long after trying the products myself to realize I needed to be a part of this wonderful movement and I haven’t looked back since!


We make every day epic with B-Epic’s premier line of high-performance lifestyle products. Experience the life-changing benefits for yourself! We invite you to try our products risk-free backed by our B-Epic 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee*.

To bring you the most innovative, high-quality products on the market today, we have sourced the most powerful, proven natural ingredients used in traditional medicines and holistic practices around the world for centuries and enhanced them through modern extract and supplementation technology.

Our flagship products ELEV8 and ACCELER8, unlock ancient medicinal secrets for optimal health and functioning! ELEV8 is a little green super pill scientifically designed to help you perform mentally and physically at a high level without the brain fog, moodiness, or other negative side effects from sugary, over-caffeinated energy drinks. Each capsule is packed with potent, pure herbal, mushroom, and whole food extracts that are rich in bioavailable essential nutrients and powerful nootropic and adaptogenic properties. The remaining two components may help you lose weight naturally and effortlessly while you sleep! ACCELER8 is a synergistic supplement combo that supports the body in renewing and maintaining a holistic healthy state, which in turn can assist in successful weight loss and healthy weight management.

ACCELER8 RESTORE has a gentle detoxing effect that naturally cleanses the body, so it is better empowered to restore itself to an optimal balance. It is also packed with beneficial bacteria to help replenish the gut microbiome, which is vital for overall health and strong digestive and immune systems.

ACCELER8 SLEEP has a natural soothing effect that helps the body fall asleep faster, sleep more soundly, and wake without grogginess. It contains natural substances that help lower cortisol and balance serotonin levels, which causes the body and mind feel more relaxed and promotes improved sleep quality.

To hear more about our amazing products and outstanding business opportunity with a very generous compensation plan and low entry and maintenance requirements, contact me via the link below. I would love to talk to genuinely interested people, either as customers or potential business partners.



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